About Me

After working in the marine industry for years I decided I needed a career change and retrained with the NZ Institute of Health and Fitness becoming a Certified Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer.  I have always been active and loved getting out there and giving anything a go.  In my younger days I played rugby, squash, golf, and softball in which I represented Waikato.  I've also really enjoyed and still do enjoy cycling, boxing, golf, and wake boarding.  I've built a really solid foundation of experience in many different sports over the years and I bring this knowledge into my work now to share with my clients.  I am also currently a Reformer Pilates instructor at ReDefined in Papamoa.

If you're wanting to tone up, get fit, and build strength I've got you covered.  This is the easy stuff.  If you want to get a little more targeted, we'll start training you in a way that will not only get you toned, fit, and strong, but we can start looking at structural imbalances and compensation patterns and begin rebalancing this out to allow you to function and perform at your best in your sporting activities and everyday life.  This type of training will not only see you function and perform better but you will be less likely to injury yourself, and those flare ups of aches and pains that have gone on for years should be much better managed if not resolved. 

I have a keen interest in rehabilitation and I like to focus my rehabilitation and training sessions around functional fitness.  Functional fitness incorporates using the upper and lower body at the same time imitating activities you might perform in your every day life and we can also make this sport specific if needed.  I use compound dynamic movements to train/retrain your body to work safely and efficiently in your every day tasks.  When needed a rehabilitation session may also include smaller single joint movements that target some of the smaller stabilising muscles around a joint to improve and rebuilt not only strength but stability also.  Building core strength is something I like to focus on in addition to turning on those glutes that have often gone to sleep in most of us.  I'll get you working hard but safe and you can rest assure that we'll always be working at an appropriate level for you while performing exercises that are specific to your needs.


Sam Burch


Personal Trainer/Fitness Consultant/Reformer Pilates Instructor

NZIHF Registered Personal Trainer


NZIHF Registered Fitness Consultant


Reformer Pilates Instructor