Natural Medicine

Initial 60 min consultation                     $130

Online: Initial 60 min consultation       $130


Follow-up 45 min consultation             $80

Additional 30 min follow-ups                $65

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic approach based on helping the body to heal itself using natural and therapeutic treatments.  The aim is to treat the whole person, finding the underlying cause for any health issues.  This means using treatment methods such as nutritional advice, personalised herbal formulas, lifestyle recommendations, and practitioner only supplements.

This approach can help you find relief from a wide range of health conditions such as fatigue, digestive problems, hormonal issues, stress and anxiety, allergies, immune function, or to simply help enhance your overall wellbeing.  

Being in optimal health doesn’t just mean a healthy body, the mind and emotions are also supported during the healing process.