Sports & Other Injuries 

Whether you’re a competitive sports person, gym junkie, weekend warrior, or you just like a social run around, we have you covered.  Osteopathy can assist with recovery from acute (new onset) injuries such as ligament sprains and muscle and tendon strains or chronic (long standing) issues that might still be hanging around from an old injury or due to wear and tear over time.

We will use hands on techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint articulation and manipulation, stretching, and exercise prescription to get you back on track.  We will not only address the injury, but also look for predisposing factors that may have contributed to you injuring yourself and may be slowing your recovery.  We will also work to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage which can help reduce inflammation and fluid retention.  Reducing nerve irritation and sensitivity, in addition to improving proprioception which can be important after some injuries so to reduce the risk of re-injury may also be part of your treatment plan.  Your breathing function may also be addressed, as optimal breathing is important in any form of exercise.  Please see Dysfunctional Breathing for more information on this.