Senior Therapy

1-1 Rehabilitation Session

Initial 60 min assessment                         $50

Follow-up 60 min session                        $65

Rehabilitation Sessions

Our rehabilitation sessions are personalised training sessions that are aimed at assisting you in your recovery from old and new injuries.  You will be guided through your training session by Sam, our qualified personal trainer and Pilates instructor with exercises that are specific to your condition.  You can feel at ease knowing you will only be given exercises that are safe and effective for the management and recovery of your specific injury and you will have the full attention of your trainer ensuring you are performing your exercises correctly and safely.

Prior to starting your rehabilitation journey you will meet with your personal trainer at your initial 60 minute assessment.  Your personal trainer will complete a thorough assessment to identify what stage of recovery you are at and what an appropriate starting point will be moving forward.  To begin with, you will be taken through some gentle, slow paced exercise and you will be given some homework to start with before beginning your rehabilitation program that will commence at your next follow-up session.