Elderly Woman at Gym


As we age our tissues become less elastic and therefore more rigid, with less shock absorption.  One reason for this is the break down of collagen, which is the main structural protein in various connective tissues within the body such as cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.  As a result of this normal physiological aging process, the risk of injury increases. 

To decrease the risk of injury, it’s important to keep active.  Light resistance training to maximise bone health and strength, and activities that keep the connective tissues supple and mobile are both important.  Activities such as walking, aqua aerobics, swimming, exercise classes, and yoga would all be beneficial to maintaining a body that can keep up with you.

Osteopathy can further assist in maintaining good health and mobility, with soft tissue massage, stretching, and articulation and mobilisation of joints.


Osteopathy can help:

  • Keep joints mobile, reducing general stiffness

  • Reduce muscular tension that may be causing discomfort

  • Reduce and prevent the worsening of a slumped posture

  • Improve balance and stability

  • Reduce swelling/fluid retention

  • Reduce arthritic pain and stiffness

  • Avoid/delay surgery

  • Prepare you for surgery and rehabilitation post-surgery

  • Provide suitable/safe exercise’s and stretch’s

  • Help get you back to performing daily tasks such as gardening, getting dressed, cooking, writing, and driving.