Therapeutic Yoga

1-1 Yoga Therapy

Initial 60 min assessment                        $50

Follow-up 60 min session                       $65

Currently not available

1-1 Yoga Therapy - Concession

Initial 60 min assessment                          Free

1 session per week for 4 weeks                 $240

2 sessions per week for 4 weeks              $440

Currently not available

1-1 Yoga Therapy - Concession

Initial 60 min assessment                         Free

1 session per week for 6 weeks                 $360

2 sessions per week for 6 weeks              $660

Currently not available

One-on-one 60 minute private yoga therapy session tailored to your individual needs.


Yoga therapy can:

  • Assist in reducing stress

  • Improve postural alignment

  • Provide pre and postnatal care

  • Support chronic health conditions

  • Improve shoulder and hip mobility

  • Support neck, back, and pelvis issues

  • Build a more efficient breathing pattern

  • Improve dysfunctional breathing patterns

  • Prevention and rehabilitation from injury

  • Stabilise joints (learn how to practice safely with hypermobile joints)

  • Build strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, and grounding in a safe and private environment


Being flexible is not a prerequisite to practicing yoga, in fact if you are not flexible you will probably benefit largely from yoga.  Improving your flexibility is not the only reason you may want to try yoga, as you can see from the list above there are many issues that can be addressed with a yoga practice that is specific to your individual needs.


The time you spend on your mat will not only improve your strength, flexibility, and balance, but it will increase your energy and mood, rather than depleting you of energy as some forms of exercise can do if it is not the right type of movement for you in that moment.


Yoga is often thought of as exercise or stretching, but through yoga you are able to achieve self-investigation, self-development, and self-discovery.  This may begin with becoming more aware of physical restrictions (e.g. tight hips or shoulders, poor breathing) that need attention and it may go deeper to emotional and spiritual connections.

You will learn poses (asanas) and sequences that will allow you to establish a home practice if you wish.

What is yoga therapy?

The difference between yoga therapy and a yoga class is that normally a yoga therapist is sought to help with some form of physical health condition.  The session is tailored to your individual needs and yoga techniques are taught to improve your function.  In a yoga class the focus is placed more upon general techniques and methods of yoga and are not always specific to your individual needs.


A yoga therapist will find ways to assist you in reducing and managing associated symptoms, improve function, and help with your attitude and feelings towards your health condition.  After assessing your needs, appropriate goals are established, a practice intention is set, and a practice intervention is developed and taught.  Yoga techniques are selected that will specifically benefit your individual needs.


What to expect:

Your initial consultation will involve a clinical assessment that will include a brief medical case history, a discussion about your current lifestyle, a breathing pattern assessment, a physical assessment, and a discussion about what you would like to gain from your yoga therapy sessions.


Sessions thereafter will include a supervised program where you will learn different yoga techniques designed to meet your specific goals.  You will be guided through the class step-by-step with cues on correct alignment and breathing.


At the end of your program you should now be able to function with more ease and notice an improvement in your strength, stamina, and flexibility.  In addition, you will have a tailored program that you can continue to use at home.


Please wear comfortable clothing that you are able to move freely in to each session.